Car Accident

After people have been involved in Los Angeles car accidents, there are numerous steps they should take to protect themselves physically and financially. By taking appropriate steps, people can prevent hardships in the future

Immediately following car accidents, people should do several things. First, they should call for help or call the police. This is especially true if they notice other people have suffered injuries or if they themselves have been injured. If possible, the next thing people should do is gather information such as witness names and phone numbers, license plate numbers and even photographs of the accident scene. All of these pieces of information could prove to be invaluable should car accident victims take legal action in the future.

The next thing that people should do after being involved in car accidents is to seek medical treatment. Often times, people think that because they do not see any physical injuries, they escaped the accident unscathed. Yet, the truth is internal injuries and concussions are not so obvious, and require medical treatment to be diagnosed. Therefore, people involved in Los Angeles car accidents should never refuse medical help or treatment. After people have received medical care, they may want to contact their insurance companies and file an accident report.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, victims of car accidents should contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, like the lawyers at the Law Offices of Christopher Paul Mesaros, APC. Should victims wish to take legal action by filing personal injury claims against the negligent parties that caused their accidents, they will find that the services provided by our law office are not only valuable, but also results-oriented. If you are ready to receive legal advice in Los Angeles, contact our team to discuss your car accident case today!

Case Results

  • $160,000

    Property Damage / Fire

  • $125,000

    Personal Injury / Fractured Shoulder

  • $120,000

    Personal Injury / Premises Liability

  • $2,395,000

    Personal Injury / Electrical Burn

  • $225,000

    Personal Injury / Premises Liability

  • $135,000

    Property Damage / Defective Condition

  • $510,000

    Property Damage / Defective Condition

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