Electrocution Accident

In Los Angeles, numerous people are involved in electrocution accidents annually. Electrocution accidents can result from numerous things that range from people operating dangerous or defective products to people being exposed to exposed wiring on construction sites. Regardless of electrocution accident causes, one thing remains clear - anytime these accidents result from other people's negligence, injured parties have the right to take legal action and should contact a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer immediately.

By contacting a personal injury attorney that handles electrocution accident cases, like the attorneys at our law office, people can file civil claims against negligent parties. If successful with their claims, victims of serious electrocution accidents may be able to recover compensation for their medical bills, lost earnings, injuries, distress and pain and suffering. While no amount of money will be able to heal victims' injuries and pain, compensation can enable victims to pay for the treatment they need to overcome their injuries.

After Effects of Electrocution Accidents

After people have been involved in electrocution accidents, they can be seriously injured. This is due to the fact that they are exposed to high voltages of electricity, which humans are not meant to withstand. Electrocution can lead to people suffering burn injuries, as well as cardiac arrest, heart failure or neurological side effects. Additionally, if people are exposed to high electrical currents, they can be wrongfully killed.

Due to the fact that electrocution accidents can result in such serious injuries, much medical treatment and observation is needed for victims to recover. However, medical treatment can quickly become quite costly for victims and their families and cause immense stress. For this reason, victims of electrocution accidents that were caused by third party negligence are encouraged to contact our law office. With our help, they may be able to retain punitive and/or compensatory damages for their cases.

Case Results

  • $125,000

    Personal Injury / Fractured Shoulder

  • $225,000

    Personal Injury / Premises Liability

  • $120,000

    Personal Injury / Premises Liability

  • $135,000

    Property Damage / Defective Condition

  • $2,395,000

    Personal Injury / Electrical Burn

  • $160,000

    Property Damage / Fire

  • $510,000

    Property Damage / Defective Condition

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