Motorcycle Accident

In the city of Los Angeles, many people love to ride their two wheeled motorcycles. There are numerous reasons why people enjoy riding motorcycles, but perhaps the top reasons are that these vehicles are convenient for transportation purposes and also fun to ride. However, anytime motorcyclists are riding near drivers who are inattentive or negligent, fun and convenience are replaced with danger and uncertainty as motorcycle accidents are likely.

Reasons Motorcycle Accidents Occur

There are numerous reasons why motorcycle accidents occur in Los Angeles. Yet, the top reasons for motorcycle accidents are:

  • dangerous road conditions such as pot holes or sharp objects
  • poor visibility due to weather or road conditions
  • drivers failing to see motorcycles, which are smaller than standard vehicles
  • poor weather conditions, like rain
  • lack of motorcycle training
  • drivers being inattentive or negligent
  • drivers or motorcyclists driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Anytime any of these conditions are present while motorcyclists are out on the road, there is a strong chance that motorcycle accidents will occur. If accidents are serious, motorcycle riders can sustain irreversible injuries. In cases where motorcyclists are not wearing helmets or sufficient riding gear, they can sustain catastrophic head injuries which lead to brain damage or brain injuries. Motorcycle accidents can also lead to bikers being accidentally killed.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and you believe that negligence played a role in your collision, now is the time to get one of ourLos Angeles personal injury lawyers involved. In the recent past, we have successfully litigated on behalf of numerous motorcycle accident victims who suffered painful injuries and economical hardships.

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Case Results

  • $135,000

    Property Damage / Defective Condition

  • $2,395,000

    Personal Injury / Electrical Burn

  • $160,000

    Property Damage / Fire

  • $510,000

    Property Damage / Defective Condition

  • $120,000

    Personal Injury / Premises Liability

  • $225,000

    Personal Injury / Premises Liability

  • $125,000

    Personal Injury / Fractured Shoulder

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