Night Club Injury

One thing that many people in Los Angeles like to do is to take advantage of the thriving night life by going to night clubs. When people attend night clubs, they expect to dance, have a few drinks, mingle with their friends and have a good time. They do not expect to be injured or to be subjected to dangerous conditions that may cause them harm. Yet, the reality is that numerous people suffer night club injuries in Los Angeles each year. These injuries range from minor to severe and are always emotionally traumatizing.

If you suffered a night club injury in L.A. and you feel that the club was responsible, you should contact our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers. With our help, you may be able to file a personal injury claim against the owner of the night club where you were injured. If you are successful with your night club injury claim, you may be awarded damages for you pain and suffering. You may also be awarded damages for your medical expenses or for time you had to take away from work to heal from your injuries.

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At the Law Offices of Christopher Paul Mesaros, APC, we proudly represent those who have suffered serious injuries while visiting Los Angeles night clubs. We know that due to California's premises liability laws, anytime visitors suffer injuries while attending night clubs, and the owners of the facilities acted negligently, visitors are entitled to compensation. However, to obtain compensation, people with night club injuries will need the legal representation and guidance from our team of experienced premises liability attorneys.

Did you suffer an injury at a Los Angeles night club? If so, contact the Law Offices of Christopher Paul Mesaros, APC to schedule an initial phone consultation!

Case Results

  • $2,395,000

    Personal Injury / Electrical Burn

  • $160,000

    Property Damage / Fire

  • $135,000

    Property Damage / Defective Condition

  • $120,000

    Personal Injury / Premises Liability

  • $125,000

    Personal Injury / Fractured Shoulder

  • $510,000

    Property Damage / Defective Condition

  • $225,000

    Personal Injury / Premises Liability

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